Managed Printers for Lawyers

Managed Printers for Lawyers

More than just a printer

Boab IT’s Managed Printers for Lawyers has been providing streamlined and future-ready document solutions since it was founded in 2013.

As a National Dealer, Boab IT has configured Sharp’s next-generation full-colour MX series of MFDs with everything your law firm needs. Packed with state-of-the-art technologies, these devices add incredible value and superior efficiency to your legal practice.
Thanks to the user-friendly design of these MFDs – including a new Easy UI mode – a wide variety of users can access their advanced functions easily and intuitively.

Fast Printerfor Lawyers

Fast and friendly

Powerful with an easy user interface

Cloud Printer for Lawyers

Cloud enabled

Send your documents directly to the Cloud

Printer support

Sharp Direct

Maintained by Sharp technicians

Scan to LEAP

Cloud Enabled

Every Sharp MFD provided by Boab IT is Cloud Enabled, ready to send your documents directly to your Microsoft Office 365 document storage, or for Legal Professionals, Scan to LEAP and LEAP Cost Recovery is included with every Sharp managed printer.

Boab IT Portal

The Boab IT Portal has been designed to help create Simple Technology – easy to use, powerful and reliable. It provides a single view of the technology your business relies on, with point and click functions that make even the most complicated network become child’s play.

Did you know that over 75% of support requests are adds, removes and/or changes. Depending on your Service Level Agreement, these tasks are generally the last to be looked at as they don’t have an immediate impact to your business. Technical break/fix issues are generally treated with a higher priority.

Not with the Boab IT Portal, the process could not be faster as the actions are completed in real-time without the danger of breaking the internet, or similar. We have wrapped your actions up in bubble wrap so you can’t hurt anything!

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What happens when I order a Sharp multi-function device from Boab IT?

Boab IT partnered with Sharp as they have a similar approach to configuring every device and testing before sending it out to a customer. Once completed, the device is shipped directly to your company address. As all of the hard work has already been done, connecting and installing your Sharp is a very simple process, and is managed onsite by a certified Sharp technician. If you ever have any issues, our 24×7 Service Desk is always available to answer any questions or you can log onto our portal which has lots of videos and helpful how to guides to get you started.

What is included with my Sharp Service Agreement?
All toner and on-site servicing is included with every Sharp multi-function device. All you need to provide is the paper!
Who will service my Sharp MFD?

Sharp Direct provide all service and maintenance work for MFD’s sold by Boab IT. In the event of a site visit being required, a sharp technician will attend the site to repair and/or replace the parts as required.

Will BOAB IT install the printer to each of my computers?

For every device Boab IT manages, absolutely! Our management software will automatically deploy the appropriate Sharp drivers and install the necessary configuration so you can start printing immediately.

What is Scan to LEAP?

Boab IT developed the Scan to LEAP application to support Law Firms wanting to scan their documents directly to LEAP matters and allocate a cost recovery. A common problem when using Scan to Email is that the attached document is too large and must be scanned multiple times, not with Scan to LEAP.

What is OCR?
OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This means that every document you scan and send to the Cloud or your email will be fully text searchable making finding specific content a breeze.


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