Managed Tablet for Lawyers


The Microsoft Surface Pro runs all the desktop software you rely on while being lighter than ever starting at 766 grams. Boab IT’s Managed Tablet for Lawyers features a PixelSense display with extremely high contrast and low glare. Go from laptop to tablet with the multi-position kickstand and keyboard included.

Laptop for lawyer

Work anywhere, anytime

Take your office along with the Surface Pro

Office Tablet for Lawyers

Bundled with Office 365

Always available, always up to date

Tablet for lawyer

Work with your Team

Collaborate with your team seamlessly

Managed Tablet for Lawyers Bundle

The Microsoft Surface Pro really impresses when bundled with a 27″ LED screen, docking station and full size keyboard and mouse.

Converting your go anywhere tablet, to a desktop workhorse.

Managed Tablet for Lawyers Bundle

Preventative Maintenance

When you have a Boab IT Managed Tablet for Lawyers, we don’t just wait for you to call our support team like most IT companies do. We prefer to proactively monitor and maintain every device we have under management. This means continually developing our 24/7 agents to tell us about the health of each devices hardware performance, software configurations so it can compare this information with historical trends and best technical practices so we can be alerted if something doesn’t add up.

Boab IT Portal

The Boab IT Portal has been designed to help create Simple Technology – easy to use, powerful and reliable. It provides a single view of the technology your business relies on, with point and click functions that make even the most complicated network become child’s play.

Did you know that over 75% of support requests to most support desks are adds, removes and/or changes. Depending on your Service Level Agreement, these tasks are generally the last to be looked at as they don’t have an immediate impact to your business. Technical break/fix issues are generally treated with a higher priority.

Not with the Boab IT Portal. The process could not be faster as the actions are completed in real-time without the danger of breaking the internet, or similar. We have wrapped your actions up in bubble wrap so you can’t hurt anything!

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