Managed Tablet for Lawyers

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Exceptionally versatile and ultra-thin

Incredibly powerful, meticulously crafted

Includes Windows 10 Pro and Office 365

Enterprise Mobility Suite Security

Linked to your 1 TB of Cloud Storage

Unlimited Cloud backup, forever

Up to 9 hours battery life*

12.3 PixelSense Display


The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 runs all the desktop software you rely on, while being lighter than ever starting at 766 grams. Boab IT’s Managed Tablet for Lawyers features a 12.3-inch PixelSense display with extremely high contrast and low glare. Go from laptop to tablet with the multi-position kickstand and keyboard (included).

Laptop for lawyer

Work anywhere, anytime

Take your office along with the Surface Pro

Office Tablet for Lawyers

Bundled with Office 365

Always available, always up to date

Tablet for lawyer

Work with your Team

Collaborate with your team seamlessly

Managed Tablet for Lawyers Bundle

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 really impresses when bundled with a 27″ LED screen, docking station and full size keyboard and mouse.

Converting your go anywhere tablet, to a desktop workhorse.

Managed Tablet for Lawyers Bundle

Preventative Maintenance

When you have a Boab IT Managed Tablet for Lawyers, we don’t just wait for you to call our support team like most IT companies do. We prefer to proactively monitor and maintain every device we have under management. This means continually developing our 24/7 agents to tell us about the health of each devices hardware performance, software configurations so it can compare this information with historical trends and best technical practices so we can be alerted if something doesn’t add up.

Boab IT Portal

The Boab IT Portal has been designed to help create Simple Technology – easy to use, powerful and reliable. It provides a single view of the technology your business relies on, with point and click functions that make even the most complicated network become child’s play.

Did you know that over 75% of support requests to most support desks are adds, removes and/or changes. Depending on your Service Level Agreement, these tasks are generally the last to be looked at as they don’t have an immediate impact to your business. Technical break/fix issues are generally treated with a higher priority.

Not with the Boab IT Portal. The process could not be faster as the actions are completed in real-time without the danger of breaking the internet, or similar. We have wrapped your actions up in bubble wrap so you can’t hurt anything!

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Compared to other managed devices


27in Intel Workstation from
  • 27″ Intel Workstation
  • Hardware Replacement Guarantee
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft AD Premium
  • Skykick Cloud Backup   
  • Unlimited Support
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Tablet Bundle

Tablet and Dock from
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 & Touch Keyboard
  • Microsoft Docking Station
  • 27″ LED Screen
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Hardware Replacement Guarantee
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft AD Premium
  • Skykick Cloud Backup   
  • Unlimited Support
Order via Portal


What happens when I order a Surface from Boab IT?

We ensure that every device has been thoroughly tested before being configured for each company and its allocated user. Once completed, the device is shipped directly to the company address. As all of the hard work has already been done, connecting your Surface is a very simple process, just unpack, plug in and log on! If you ever have any issues, our 24×7 Service Desk is always available to answer any questions or you can log onto our portal which has lots of videos and helpful how to guides to get you started.

Will Boab IT migrate my data?

For every new device, whether a Surface or Workstation, we will migrate one (1) mailbox (including your emails, contacts and calendars) to the new allocated users Office 365 mailbox for no charge as long as the email server is from a support source location, including Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, Lotus and more. If you have a specific email system no listed, please ask our support staff to confirm if the migration will be included. For any data stored on users desktops, document folders etc, we recommend uploading these to the new users OneDrive storage account before using your new Surface or Workstation. If you have a large amount of data on your company file server, we can migrate this data as well, however there is a charge to facilitate this due to the steps we take to ensure all data uploaded to the cloud is clean and complete.

What software is included with each Surface?

BOAB IT includes the following software licences:

  • Microsoft Office Business Premium – includes 50GB email mailbox/contacts and calendar, full Microsoft Office 2013/2016 for up to 5 devices, 1TB of OneDrive storage
  • 1TB of cloud data storage – this replaces your old company file server and gives you access to your data, anywhere
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite – includes Premium AD for device management and Microsoft Intune for virus protection
  • Skykick Cloud Backup – backs up all of your companies email and cloud data storage, unlimited and forever
  • BOAB IT Management Agent – the real hero that keeps your systems operating at 100% efficiency, it even fixes problems before they affect you
What operating system does each Surface run?

All Workstations run the full Windows 10 Pro operating system. This means you can run your normal programs, apps, and browsers.

Can I run multiple programs at the same time?

Absolutely, each Surface lets you multitask like a pro. Run as many desktop programs as you need simultaneously – they will even snap into place on your screen so you can use them all at once!

What is Surface Pro 4 made of?

The casing of each Surface Pro 4 is made out of a magnesium alloy which is lighter and more durable than aluminum

Does the Surface Pen that works with the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book work with other Surface devices?

Yes. With Palm Block technology and 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, Surface Pen gives you a surprisingly natural way to mark-up documents and take notes in your own handwriting.

How does the Surface Pro 4 differ from the Surface Pro 3?

Surface Pro 4 features a larger PixelSense display and the latest Intel 6th generation Intel processors for increased power and performance, while being thinner and lighter than the Surface Pro 3.

If I have an iPhone or Andriod phone, will email, contacts and calendars work with the Workstation?

Yes, we have even prepared some quick how to videos and articles providing the few steps needed to sync up all of your devices.

Tech Specs


  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft AD Premium
  • Microsoft InTune
  • Skykick Cloud Backup
  • BOAB IT 24×7 Preventative Maintenance Agent
  • BOAB IT 24×7 Monitoring


  • Magnesium casing
  • 6th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB Solid state drive (SSD)
  • i5 Intel HD graphic
  • 13.5″ PixelSense LED screen (3000 x 2000)
  • 10 point multi-touch
  • TPM chip for enterprise security
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatible
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
  • Dimensions 232.1 x 312.3 x 13 mm
  • Weight 1516 grams


  • Full-size USB 3.0
  • Full-size SD Card reader
  • Headset jack
  • Mini Display Port
  • Surface Connect

Cameras and audio

  • 5.0 megapixel front-facing HD camera
  • 8.0 megapixel rear-facing autofocus camera
  • Dual Microphones, front and rear facing
  • Stereo microphones and speakers with Dolby

*Up to 9 hours of video playback. Testing conducted by Microsoft in September 2015 using preproduction Intel Core i5, 256GB, 8 GB RAM device. Testing consisted of full battery discharge during video playback. All settings were default except: Wi-Fi was associated with a network and Auto-Brightness disabled. Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage, and other factors.


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