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Current Service Status

Microsoft Office 365
Exchange Online – service is healthy
SharePoint Online – service is healthy
Skype for Business – service is healthy
Identity Service – service is healthy
Microsoft Intune – service is healthy

Managed Voice – service is healthy
Managed Broadband – service is healthy
Managed Device Management – service is healthy
Boab IT Portal – service is healthy

Service Notifications

Service: All DNS dependant services
Affected Users:

Domain Name Server disruptions
Investigating – 13 April 2017 06:13
Title: Can’t access websites or services

User Impact: Users may not be able to browse to certain website or access certain services

More info: It was reported at approximately 10:05am this morning that NetRegistry, TPP and Melbourne IT are affected by a DNS outage.

Current status: Investigating – Customers are advised that TPP and Melbourne IT are currently experiencing service interruptions on their DNS servers.

Service: Exchange Online
Affected Users: All Office 365 email users

EX85220 – E-Mail and calendar access – Restoring service
Restoring service – 14 Nov 2016 06:13
Title: Can’t see sender’s name in the Outlook client

User Impact: Users may be unable to see the sender’s name when viewing messages in Outlook (desktop).

More info: While we’re focused on remediation, users may be able to circumvent the issue by using Outlook on the web as an alternative method. This issue is isolated to mailboxes that are being migrated between specific software versions of Exchange Online and it affects a small subset of messages that are received while an impacted mailbox is being migrated. Please note that this is an incremental update to provide the latest status on the issue. For complete details on this event, please reference the Restoring service post from 7:57 PM UTC on November 11, 2016.

Current status: The deployment of the fix is approximately 77.5 percent complete. Once the deployment is complete, messages will no longer enter this state and we’ll implement a fix to restore the sender information to affected messages.

Next update by: Monday, November 14, 2016, at 8:00 PM UTC

Issue: Connectivity for Legal Cloud services
Affected Users: All Cloud and Legal Exchange services
Notification Listed: 27/02/2016 – 6.57am

Description:   Our team is still investigating the fault which looks to be caused by a hardware issue in our storage network. At this stage we do not have a restoration time for this outage, however will be providing updates as soon as possible.

Update – 27/02/14 8.55PM:

As the storage network infrastructure issues are being isolated, services are starting to be restored.

Update – 28/02/14 9.45AM:

BOAB IT was hit with an outage on the 27/02/2016 that affected many of our customers for approximately sixteen hours and thirty one minutes. We are closely monitoring our systems to ensure everything is healthy again.

We had our technical team working on this issue to get you up and running again and the issue was resolved as quickly as possible. Know that we’re already working to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

The incident was first reported at 6:57AM AEST initially triggered by a hardware outage, which caused performance and instability in our storage network.
We don’t have a clear root cause yet. However, the likely reason is that it was a software issue (triggered by the hardware failure) in the switch that corrupted both the primary and redundant network infrastructure.

The way that redundancy works in these situations is that the redundant switches monitor each other and the network and decides when to fail safe over. The system was fully operational when it was last tested four weeks ago. Both the A and B sides of our network were able to run independently and the automated failover between them worked as expected. That didn’t happen this time. We’re working with the equipment manufacturer to determine why both sides were impacted, but it’s important to note that there was no data lost and this is not a security issue.

We know what broke and we knew how to fix it, but we don’t know why it broke, yet. Our team is currently conducting a thorough post-mortem with the hardware manufacturer to ensure that we understand the underlying root cause of the issue and are better prepared for potential network outages in the future.

Clients located in New South Wales and Victoria using our email service will have been notified early last week that we are recommending migrating to the Microsoft Office 365 service which will help ensure this doesn’t happen in the future. The way the Microsoft Azure and Office 365 cloud environment is quite different to our current infrastructure and while it removes the likelihood of similar issues affecting email, every environment has an element of outage risk. All remaining states are scheduled to be notified of this migration recommendation on the 01/02/2016.

BOAB IT has never experienced a major infrastructure outage. In 2015, our Cloud services obtained 100% uptime for which we are very proud. Despite this outage, we have maintained an uptime of 99.75% for the last 12 months and strive to retain a minimum of 99.95% uptime into the future.

We apologise for letting you down.

*Not all information on this page is available in real-time. We endeavour to ensure updates are provided as quickly as possible.


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