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Current Service Status

Microsoft Office 365
Exchange Online – service is healthy
SharePoint Online – service is healthy
Skype for Business – service is healthy
Identity Service – service is healthy
Microsoft Intune – service is healthy

Managed Voice – service is healthy
Managed Broadband – service is healthy
Managed Device Management – service is healthy
Boab IT Portal – service is healthy

Service Notifications

Service: CloudPBX Services
Affected Users: All sites

CloudPBX Service Disruption
Resolved – 15 November 2018 15:13
Title: Handsets not registered

User Impact: Users may not be able to make or receive phone calls.

More info: It was reported at approximately 14:47 this afternoon that clients with Boab IT CloudPBX handsets were unable to make or receive calls from their desk and UC phone/extensions.

Current status: Resolved – The service was restored at 15:04 after the fault was identified on a border router in one of the CloudPBX data centre environments. This was migrated to another interface and services were restored immediately.

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