AC Lawyers - Sydney, Canberra, South Coast

At AC Lawyers we believe in professional values. So do Boab IT. Over the years, they have helped us open new offices across two states, providing us with the hardware, software, and network systems we need to get up and start running smoothly.

Their professional solutions make plain business sense. With their fixed price plans, we know exactly how much our infrastructure costs will be, taking the guesswork out of expanding our business. 

Andrew Christopoulos 

AC Lawyers

SGW Law - New Farm, Queensland

I started SGW Law with the goal of providing affordable Conveyancing and Wills & Estates to everyday people. Of course, as a sole practitioner, it can be hard to keep up with the technical capabilities of larger, more established law firms. At a time where there were few managed IT service providers for law firms, being an early adopter of Boab IT was a lifesaver.

Boab IT made it so easy to upgrade my older hardware. They provided me with a powerful Surface Pro, and set up LEAP Legal Software integration for me. All at a fixed, upfront cost. Plus the unlimited support means I get the help I need as often as I want.

Sue Wilson


Snowton Saje - Reservoir, Victoria

As my practice grew, its IT needs were quickly surpassing my meagre capabilities. Then along came BOAB IT. BOAB IT has kept me ahead of the game. I have been able to focus on my business whilst having a reliable team making IT simple behind the scenes.

They took care of updates, email filtering, ensured I updated to 2-factor authentication and kept pricing at such a level that I could never complain and always felt I was getting more value than I was paying for.

They just don’t stop innovating and expanding what they offer. I have never felt that I was just one of many. I am sure BOAB IT has grown exponentially but I am not made to feel like BOAB IT has outgrown my business.”s

Rawle Wayson-JonesPrincipal and Founder

Snowton Saje

Giveaway Winners!

Zambra Legal

Erin Devery from Zambra Legal accepting the Sharp 70″ LED TV from Nicholas Carr, BOAB IT Managing Director, during the BOAB IT 2015 giveaway.

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