CallSmart for LEAP

Managed Printers for Lawyers

The fastest way to log a call to your matter

CallSmart is the only phone add-on for LEAP Legal Software clients. Developed in Australia exclusively for lawyers. CallSmart is the clever way of logging your calls, automatically allocating them to the corresponding matter for easy cost recovery

CallSmart for Lawyers

Log your calls automatically

Automatic time and fee recording

SmartCall for LEAP Legal Software

Exclusive for LEAP

Developed in Australia by Boab IT for LEAP Legal Software users

CallSmart from computer

Call directly from your computer

No need to dial, just select your contact and CallSmart will do the rest!

Scan to LEAP

Call anyone, anywhere!

Developed to save you time and help you save money, CallSmart features:

  • Click-to-Dial from LEAP
  • Auto time and fee recording
  • Select from existing or custom fee
  • Supports private and visible notes for each call
  • Easy historical call recording
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How does it work?

CallSmart was designed and developed with ease of use in mind. With minimal setup and preconfigured features, CallSmart is ready to go whenever you are!

Step 1 Let us help you setup your Boab IT phones

Step 2 Link your LEAP account to your phones via the portal

Step 3 Enable CallSmart in LEAP via the matter add-in section

Step 4 Open a matter, and right mouse click to call via CallSmart

*CallSmart requirements may vary depending on the type of phones and the site. Contact your Boab IT consultant for more information.

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